Olive trees are native to areas where Mediterranean climate is dominant. The Aegean
Region in Turkey has one of the most fertile locations with its geology with best
altitudes, geomorphology with optimum land slope, climate with balanced temperature
and precipitation level, rich soil with alluviums in some areas, and flora and
hydrography. These perfect conditions create the optimum agriculture for olives.

According to some research, olive cultivation has been around 2000 years in Aegean
region of Turkey and more than 50% of Turkey's cultivation comes from this region.

The geographical characteristics, the climate conditions of this region and the breeze
coming from the sea through the lands have ensured the growth of olive in a wide
area, and increased yield and quality. Some olive types are used for oil and some are
used as table olives. The fruit and oil of olives cultivated in the Aegean coasts are high
quality and each type has unique flavor, excellence in polyphenols (anti-oxidants),
organoleptic characteristics, shelf life, color and aroma and this di_erence is created
by the ecological characteristics of the environment.

The olive of the region has a unique taste, aroma and sensory properties which we
have in our products as well.

Also, olives and olive related products are main source of healthy Mediterranean Diet from traditional Aegean Cuisine.


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